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Ancient Bog Oak. Older than recorded history, older than written words.

Now you can hold a piece of that history in your hands. 


First, a brief history lesson: 

2001 AD: World Trade Center of New York City falls

1969 AD: Man walks on the moon

1963 AD: Martin Luther King delivers “I Have a Dream” Speech

1939 AD: World War II begins

1914 AD: World War I begins

1861 AD: Civil War of the United States

1776 AD: Declaration of Independence is signed

1492 AD: Columbus discovers America

1200 AD: Vikings begin discovering North America

1095 AD: The Crusades began

1000 AD: The End of the Dark Ages

570: The Birth of Muhammad

476 AD: The Fall of Rome

300 AD: The height of the Mayan Empire

0: The Birth of Jesus Christ

950 BC: Earliest use of iron in Greece

1332: King Tutankhamen became Pharaoh

1500 BC: Wooly Mammoths still roamed the earth

2550 BC: The Great Pyramids were built

3000 BC: Stonehenge was constructed

4000 BC: An oak tree fell into the soft peat bogs in the Fens of England

About Ancient Bog Oak

It's difficult to imagine something older than the Pyramids.  Something that was still alive when Wooly Mammoths still roamed.
But the wood used for these pens is exactly that.These pens are made from Ancient Bog Oak that is between 4,000 and 6,000 years old. 

Ancient Bog Oak is from England and Ireland, buried in peat bogs where the oxygen level becomes so low that decomposition
doesn't happen in a normal way. The minerals in the bog react to the wood, causing it to harden and turn a darker color,
ranging in deep chocolate brown to nearly black.  The wood is actually in the earliest stages of fossilization.
Look closely and you can still see the oak's grain pattern.  

Each item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity telling about the Bog Oak history.  Each pen is refillable, using refills available at any
office supply store.  The included ink color is black.  Each pen will come with a presentation sleeve to protect and store the pen. 

The finished pens are stunning.  The color of the wood ranges from dark brown to nearly black.  
I chose to use chrome hardware for the pens for an incredible contrast.  

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Bog Oak Pens


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